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he A.P. examination for American History includes an essay portion in addition to the multiple-choice section. These essays comprise 50% of the final score for the entire A.P. examination. The essay portion of the test has two sections. Document Based Question (DBQ) comprises the first part. This section accounts for 45% of the total essay score. Students will have to provide an analysis of the given documents and incorporate them into an essay using information from mainstream American History. In the second section, students select from two sets of two essay topics (four essay topics in total) about a particular time period in American History. The students will choose one essay from each set to write about. This section accounts for 55% of the total essay score. If you want to do well on the A.P. examination, you must be able to express yourself in writing in a clear and concise manner. If you do not write well, you must train yourself to become an articulate writer. Remember that writing is a skill, not a gift! Those who write well have a plan attack. You too can write well, if you take the time to organize and plan. The following seven-step technique will help you accomplish your goal of learning to write well and to pass the essay sections of the A.P. examination. Step 1 Analyze the Question Read the question carefully. Make sure you understand the question. Underline key words and phrases. Make a decision on the direction you are going to take in answering the question. Step 2 Collect and Sort Information Jot down notes, key words, facts and phrases that relate to the topic of your essay. Sort and group notes and words together under possible topics. Eliminate unrelated or tangentially facts and phrases. Make an outline of the points you want to cover in your answer. Step 3 Develop Your Thesis Define and refine your personal

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