Reaction to Movie Limitless Essay

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------------------------------------------------- project in ADVANCE chemistry Reaction paper to movies March 13, 2014 Submitted to: Vivian guillen SUBMITTED BY: FLLOYD MARION JARDELEZA March 13, 2014 * A reaction to the movie Limitless Perhaps, what is most disturbing in the 2011 film Limitless, is not the general inaccuracy of the entire plotline—the idea that one can only limitedly access 20% of their brain —but rather something more overlooked: Eddie Morra’s career choices and transitions instigated while under the influence of the fictional drug, NZT-48. From a starving writer who has yet to write anything to one who becomes published, to a brilliant stock trader, to a running candidate for the United States Senate, the drug’s effects–which are to improve both short-term and long-term memory as well as expand the capacity for memory, thus accelerating and increasing intelligence—with very specific archetypes of ‘success’, reflect the ills of a society so afflicted and determined by the artificial logic propagated and intuitively accepted under advanced capitalism. Our newly enlightened character, Eddie, now imbued with an intelligence so encompassing that it seems he can literally learn and do anything, is only ever capable of working his way up a system and profoundly incapable of reconfiguring, overthrowing or even critiquing it. His new intellectualism only allows him to procure more and more capital, to pursue a perversion of luxurious experiences and seemingly phantasmic ‘power’ lifestyles, to practice politics on a linear scale of mediocre predictability, but never to critically examine or question these roles and choices, or the economic and political systems in which they operate within. There is a moment in the film where a recently successful Eddie self-reflectively waxes on what the next step is in the advancement of his
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