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FROM THE OFFICE OF DAVID L. SCHUTZER REACTION PAPER You can write a reaction paper about a book, simulation, audio tape, article, or film. Your paper should be typed and double-spaced with normal margins. This will help you fulfill various required assignments and extra credit work. There are a variety of ways to write a reaction paper. I am only giving you one and there are other methodologies available. If you want to try something different, discuss your method with me. 1. Read the article or book/see the film/run the simulation/listen to the audio tape and take notes on the main ideas presented in the work, your feelings aroused by the material, and your reactions to the work. 2. Use your notes and summarize/describe the information in the work in no more than 1/3 of your paper. 3. Critically react to and personally interact with the work in the other 2/3 or more of your paper. You can do this in several ways: (a) Explain the insights you have gained from the work. (b) Identify what you liked and/or disliked in the work (c) Suggest additional material that could have and/or should have been included in the work. (d) Relate the work to other sources (name them) that have addressed this subject (e.g., radio, TV, school, newspapers, church, home, books, magazines, films, etc.) . (e ) Relate the work to your own personal experience. (f) Describe how the work affects you (i.e., feelings, thoughts, beliefs). (g) Evaluate the impact that the work might have on its readers and its impact on you. (h) Explain how the cultural system (e.g., ideas, ethics, morality, economics, politics, personal behavior, religion, kinship and relatives, world view, schooling, life experiences, culture change, marriage patterns, customs, norms and deviance, ways of looking at things) shown in the work differs from

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