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Reaction Paper If I were to describe Mel Gibson's Movie, The Passion of the Christ, in one word, that word would be "intense." The movie, The Passion, is the most emotionally intense movie I have ever seen. If you are like me, you will experience fear, disgust, surprise, and shock. You will also spend much of the movie crying - even if you are like me - one of those unemotional science-types. I felt the pain and guilt of Jesus' sacrifice deep down inside of me-to the bone. I felt myself in a state of continuous aching. I felt emotional pain deeper than I have ever felt. No death of a father, grandfather or close friend can compare. I have watched a friend dying and I have experienced an extreme loss of a loved one, but the pain that Jesus endured was beyond anything I could ever imagine. Of course, I recognized that this was only a movie and that the man on the screen was Jim Caviezel and not Christ. Even though those amazing gashes were only makeup, this movie definitely helped me put into perspective the amount of pain and suffering that Christ went through for each and every one of us. While watching this two hour movie of Christ's last 12 hours, I couldn't help but feel a deep feeling of guilt and extreme unworthiness. It absolutely tore me up when Christ was on the cross and said, “Father please forgive them, they know not what they do.” That statement struck hard. After all of that pain and suffering that Jesus had just endured, He still showed such amazing love. He loved each person who swung that torturous whip to create each bloody, deep gash on His body. He loved all of the men and women who cheered on the events and loved all of those who cursed His name-“for they know not what they

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