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Taylor Wallace ASL – 101 – 09 Reaction Paper 1 For my reaction paper, I found an online deaf newspaper site, called The news broadcast, titled Around The News with Ken Davis, are videos of him reporting the news but rather than talking, he is signing. The video was 9 minutes long, composed of two segments. The first segment was showing a picture of his Facebook page as he signed, and he seemed to be explaining how people can steal your passwords and hack into your account, and how you can prevent yourself from becoming a victim. Then a picture with the number of facebook likes circled showed and he started signing about that. I did learn a new sign – personal. Where you sign a ‘P’ and move your arm toward your heart. The entire segment was about this. The second segment was comprised of 3 different stories. The first was about NFL football player Derrick Coleman. Ken seemed to be signing about a recent game where he did well. One of the signs I recognized was for football, where you cross your left hand in close to you and wrap your right hand around it as if your holding an imaginary football. The second story was captioned “Rainbow Vacuum at Expo”. Here I have no idea was he as talking about. He seemed to be telling a story or some sort, probably relating to the caption. The next bit was captioned “Who is Drummer?”, and lasted for a few brief moments while he described some drummer. I learned the sign for drums – you put your hands in front of you and pretend to play the drums. Then he went over obituaries, anniversaries, and birthdays, and lastly a bit about Valentines Day. Between the two segments there was a deaf ad, which I found interesting. It was for the Z5 Android, and the ad was composed of clips of people holding phones up, which were showing the spokeswoman signing. It was neat because I’ve never seen

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