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After submitting our reaction paper #1, we were instructed to form a group of about five to ten other students. After forming a group we were supposed to exchange stories, stories in which we spoke of in our previous paper. Most of the stories told were about different stereotypes and discrimination, which I had already figured most people would choose to speak about in their reaction paper #1. The first experience I heard was from a female student who was of Italian descent and did not like when people assumed Italians were the same as Caucasians. She wanted people to see that Italians had their own culture and customs and should be considered different from being a Caucasian American. Another female student had the not so unusual story of how she had been discriminated against for being of Hispanic descent and how people stereotyped her. Another student in our group had the same type of experience, about being discriminated for being Hispanic. However, there was one female student who had a slightly different story, she spoke about being discriminated for looking and being young, which resulted in people not taking her seriously at work or assuming she is not as knowledgeable because of her young age. Those were the only stories I heard due to only having four people in our group. My reaction to the stories was mostly indifferent. I pretended to be surprised or even appalled, however, in my opinion it was predictable that many people would write about the prejudice they had experience for being from a different background. The stories told were not very specific, there were not too many details or a specific situation they spoke about; consequently, my reaction was not too dramatic. It would have helped if they would have spoken about a specific experience. I’m a Hispanic female myself; I was born in Puerto Rico and lived there for 13 years. I was not just born

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