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Reaction Paper Armani Callihan Professor Crawford Principles of Criminal Justice 12 September 2013 Eric Holder decided to call for an extremely big change in the criminal justice system. This change will actually hold back a lot of the cruel sentences pertaining to non violent drug related crimes. The United States has been facing many issues with over populated prisons. Holder feels low level drug offenses should be referred to community service programs or drug treatment classes instead of prison time. "We need to ensure that incarceration is used to punish, deter and rehabilitate - not merely to convict, warehouse and forget.” (Holder, 2013). Eric Holders plan to minimum sentencing for non-violent offences is definitely something I agree with. It seems as if the Criminal Justice system has forgotten the main reason for a prison. Criminals are receiving harsh sentences for drug related crimes when the sex offenders and assault cases are receiving less time. Prisons are probably one of the biggest issues America is facing. Prisons all over America have become so overcrowded that it’s affecting many. Overcrowded prisons affect not only the inmates, the guards and the system. Many might not know but overcrowding of prisons affects our economy and our lives as well. This is the reasons taxes are rising rapidly. We should spend more time focusing on the people who are committing more violent and serious crimes which threaten our safety. Its weird how drug related cases get much big of a sentence even though they more than likely pose less of a risk of threat than others. The sex offenders, serial killers and etc… are the offenders who pose a huge threat to the society. You can’t just magically get one to stop having the desire to kill, or assault others. However, drug related offenders can receive drug treatment classes or community service which will be

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