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What do you mean you want to know what I think? Now that you are officially ruined and have experienced what it is like to be a scholar, then you are ready for the almighty "reaction" paper. A reaction paper is a first person work written to illustrate personnel reaction to a particular scholarly writing, topic, book, film, or other assigned medium. Criminologists and other social scientists find the reaction paper useful in expanding on theories relevant to a particular area of study. This is used in several different ways. Writing a reaction paper to a journal article about a study that was conducted by a criminologist on a theory of juvenile delinquency, gives one the opportunity to respond to what he/she feels went well about the study, what he/she doesn't understand, and also what great ideas have been sparked by reading the article. Graduate students are encouraged to read old reaction papers to get ideas for a thesis project because there is often an idea that has been "born" waiting for you to adopt it. That example is based on scholarly work but often you will be asked to react to literary, art, and various media works as well. For example, in a criminological theory class you could be asked to watch a film, analyze the deviant behavior of the characters and then discuss what theories you think explain the behavior and what other possiblities exist. Consider the reaction paper your opportunity to dive into the field of criminal justice and surface to offer your thoughts. Professors use reaction papers to assess whether or not you have completed a required reading (or viewing of media) and how you analysis the information in the context of course material. So what does this mean for the real world? A reaction paper is a technique that is used by individuals working for agencies as an assessment/evaluation tool. In others words, if an article about a

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