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In today’s class we discussed topics such as metaphors, purposes of misbehavior and charcoal and diamonds. All topics were covered thoroughly and as a group I feel that we are growing as the class continues. I am starting to understand the technique of counseling and I feel that as I continue to practice, I will only get better. The metaphor about the Navajo Indian and the two wolves fighting inside of him was the highlight of tonight’s class. I could easily relate to this metaphor because my mother used it with me when I was growing up. I had a lot of behavior issues in school and at home, because of other situations, and mother would always tell me about this particular metaphor. I noticed that metaphors are often used in the dialect of African Americans from the south and when you understand them, you will learn a lot. I was also enlightened about the story of when Ms. Rossler worked at UBC as a therapist and how other therapist would come to her with problems and she always solved them. It eventually got old and she started advising them when they came with a problem to also have a solution and the problems lessoned. I sometimes have problems like this and I have found a way to deal with what I call frequent solution seekers. Part 2 In response to the class, I compare us to a plant and the more knowledge we are fed, the stronger we grow. I also continue to practice my techniques on my friends without them knowing and I think that’s cool. This class really has helped me understand the gift that I have called

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