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Reaction Fiction: Short Story Jessica Claudio ENG/125 April 13, 2012 Rosemary Sykes Reaction Fiction: Short Story The purpose of this paper is to describe the reason for the writer’s story. In today’s society human experiences reflects other people in several ways. Human experiences include storytelling, culture, values, expressing feelings, sharing, and teaching lessons in life experiences. Human experiences may build good relationships with other people in general. One will explain the strategies of the writer and assumptions from the story. Furthermore, one will also discuss the impression of the story along with the purpose of the writer’s story. Strategies of the writer The writer of the short fiction story applies a great deal of strategies to keep the audience attention or curiosity in the fiction short story about a small town of sin. The author of the short fiction story did a good job in writing the story because the writer applies expressing feelings of children and also did a well job of storytelling. One believes the main idea of the fiction short story is about a small town that tries to pretend life is good and people around the environment is happy. This small town is full of human sin especially, the children in the small town. The children are the ones who are suffering a great deal. The writer describes that the children do know what natural light is. The writer also describes mothers and fathers are abusing their children and keep them in a dark dirty room. One may relate to the theme because as a child one was also abuse by a stepfather. The stepfather hardly spoke but only knew how to hit until bleeding. In different generation these sins keep going on. Until not too long ago, it is not acceptable to abuse children in today’s society. Parents who abuse their children in today’s society may suffer

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