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REACTION PAPER IN ECOLOGY Introduction: One life ends, another begins! “ Fighting for freedom”. Avatar is such a great film and most expensive movie ever made. Avatar is a ten foot tall, blue, cat –like humanoid. Pandora, a beautiful planet feels like a living, breathing world. It is located at a mere 4.4 light years away from earth, boasts lush jungles populated by all manners of exotic creatures, giants tress that can house entire communities, and a mountains that literally hang suspended in the sky. It’s also home to friendly, if fiercely protective, alien race called as the Na’vi. Avatar is a good movie that will actually surprise you and offer things you have never seen before. The writer-director James Cameron uses latest and most luxurious technology to transport viewers to the war-ridden, amazing world of Pandora and it’s fiercely, indigenous Na’vi clan. He has delivered a special effects powerhouse that is actually an extended and extremely acid trip in the jungle. The human technology is underwhelming, so it is the heavy-handed theme, but consider these, as elements tacked on to a movie about exploring the forests. Cameron is its creator and most intelligent and enthusiastic tour guide. So come and enter the world of Avatar. Summary: The atmosphere on Pandora is poisonous for people , they devise a way to transform themselves into genetically engineered hybrids with human and Na’vi DNA. A square-jawed hero played the role Jake (Sam Worthingthon), a crippled ex- marine who is dispatched to mining colony on Pandora to participate in the Avatar program where his consciousness in downloaded into a lab grown Na’vi body. The scientists who run the program, including Dr. Grace Augustine (Sigourney Weaver), intend for him to be an agent of peace but the outposts military and most greedy commander, colonel Miles Quaritch (Stephen Lang), has other

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