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Reaction Paper Michelle Crompton You’ve Got Ads AOL to Offer Bigger, Fancier Formats AOL has been falling behind competition of Yahoo, MSN, and Google. They have had to look over their business plan and look into doing a redesign of their online advertising. In the past AOL has used small ads on the side of their pages and tried to attract people to have an interest in products being advertised. Now, they are looking to make their advertising space larger and more appealing to AOL surfers. In applying elements from chapter 4, AOL is looking to use the Attention-Interest-Desire-Action (AIDA) model. By looking at what affects buying decisions, AOL hopes to increase traffic and sales through ads by making them more obvious in order to get their attention to the product being advertised. It is also important for the ad to not only look good, but also have something of interest that will entice the customer to look further on the ad. This could be something about the features of the product or benefits. After the customer shows interest the ad needs to make them desire to buy the product, even if they really may not need it. They need to think that they need the product for because it is the best and it is the only thing that will do what they want for them. The add then needs to be clear so if the customer does take the step towards being a buyer, the process will be easy for them to take action and they will be satisfied with their online experience. AOL will need to use traction logs and click stream analysis so that they can come up with appropriate ads for each user which will increase the likeliness for the customer to buy something. This allows AOL to look at what the web browser has looked at in the past and decide what to advertise based on the users interests. AOL has great opportunities being online. This is because the internet is the

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