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Reaction Paper: An Interview With Michael Sagas I chose to react to the Interview with Michael Sagas, the sport management professor at the University of Florida. Mr. Sagas began by explaining his outlook on diversity. He makes a point to say that he does not study diversity “in physical activity or in life in general”, but that he defines it as “differences on social and organizational characteristics”. He looks at how characteristics such as race, gender, and religion, affect things such as rank and title in organizations. Sagas is much more interested on how these types of characteristics affect psycho-sociological processes in work. He focuses on all of the workers, rather than simply looking at how the majority treats the minority. I think this is good way of studying diversity, as it pertains to everyone who is in, or plans to join, the workforce or other types of organizations. When it comes to sport, Sagas says that there is a more positive outlook on diversity, though still, as a whole, diversity definitely has a negative connotation to it. He discusses the different reasons that people are inclined to treat others differently. A big part of that is what he refers to as similarity attractiveness. The less someone has in common with another person, the more obstacles there are in understanding and relating to that person. This causes people to treat others differently. That being said, diversity can also be useful in gaining an understanding of others who are different than you and it leads to new outlooks, new ideas, and more creativity. This is very important in all types of organization. Lastly, Sagas gives his insight pertaining to how organizations can sustain a diverse and inclusive workplace. He says that you not only have to value diversity, and the positive effects that it can have, but you also have to mitigate the negative effects.

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