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Unit:1 Article Title: A Grounded Theory of International Student Well-being Author: Debra A. McLachlan Source: The Journal of Theory Construction & Testing Summary of the Article: The article “ A Grounded Theory of International Student Well-being” by Debra A. McLachlan is about researches and analyses of international students life and problems in U.S. Firstly, the author leads to the problems by some data. Then lists some problems that international students may face in U.S. such as “Transition Shock”. To figure them out, researchers begin a study to collect important data and find a way to help international students. The participants are from all over the world and have different native languages and degrees. They live in different place. Then the researchers collect the data about kinds of things that students face and put this things to “code”. By analysis the “code” they got, researchers give their explanations for the problems and come up with some ways to help international students have a better life in U.S. Reaction to the Article: I think “Cultural Adjustment” happens in every international student. We can face some problems and try to adapt to them by ourselves. The article lists most of problems we may face and gives many ways to solve the problems of “Cultural Adjustment”. The article says:” Language barriers were a major challenge as they attempted to negotiate academic, cultural, and social differences.” It impressed me. When I first arrived in Minneapolis, I need to get my U.S. phone number and I actually faced the problem ”Isolated by language”. I couldn’t understand what the stuff said and I just nodded while he was talking. I was really struggled by the stuff because I couldn’t understand the glossary he talked after all. In conclusion, the article helps me a lot and I’ll use the way it gives and try my best to be

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