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Why Must We Starve or Perish All Together I believe that this is insane that we would have to starve to death if we live they way the stated. We can’t grow our own food either. The situation is all twisted since in the U.S. we have the freedom. The two strategies that came to play was as an idea to fix the situation was what I think is an effort. The first strategy was to deal with physical or economic force to get the local population to grow cash crops instead of food on their own plots and then make the colonizer for export. This idea was a great idea but at the same time the people farming the crops may be making money from the cash crop but at the same time losing their base source of food. As stated in the article about Vietnam, Vietnam exported all their rice, which is there basic food they eat everyday. The second strategy was the idea to direct takeover of the land by big-scale plantations growing crops for export. In this way, slaves or force labor would be applied. I believe this is wrong to have to do this. This would still lead to a success in starvation. Slavery is not acceptable in my own eyes. This is the wrong way to live and treat life. At the rate of labor working so much it could also lead to competition between the peasants as stated in the article. I believe the two strategies would both to counterculture as the Cultural Anthropology book. There would be a group with the culture that does not agree to the way life is set out to be. They try to rebel and go against the

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