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CHAPTER I THE PROBLEM AND ITS SETTING Introduction “The importance of information dissemination is to increase the people's awareness” – Former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo As what former President Arroyo said, information dissemination is vital for people’s awareness. Valuable because without proper information dissemination, there’s no new learning to be obtain and ignorance will occur. Dissemination basically sends information to an audience, even without direct contact to the receiver, and without a direct response or clarification method that a conversation or dialogue would have. With effective information dissemination, the awareness, recognition, and possible use of your grant outcomes may be greater than expected. Success in dissemination is more likely to occur when the "packaging" and overall nature of the information has been influenced by appropriate input from the potential recipient/user audience. Dissemination should produce an effect (use of the information) on the part of the recipient. The reasons of formulation of such idea about researching the Awareness of 1st year students of Bachelor of Science in Finance on “Junior Financial Executives (JFinEx) Organization” are: first is to know the effectiveness of JFinEx communication process in disseminating information, and secondly to find out the reason of the respondents on their level of awareness of “Junior Financial Executives (JFinEx) Organization” projects. Background of the Study Brief history of “Junior Financial Executives (JFinEx) Organization” The “Junior Financial Executives (JFinEx) Organization” was founded on July 07, 2009. It was approved by the former CESCA Director Ms. Analie T. Sancho with an objective of promoting the welfare and interest of finance students on initiating extracurricular activities for the purpose of socio-economic consciousness,

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