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Reaction Report For my reaction report I have chosen an article that I found on the website titled “4 Strategic Requirements For Corporate Tweeting” by Richard S. Levick, published on January 20, 2012. As the title tells you, the article is about corporate “tweeting” on the social network Twitter. The writer explains how companies are now confronting how their Twitter strategies align with their larger business strategies. He goes on to say that Twitter deserves its on strategic plan as a discrete component of the larger corporate digital media plan. The four strategic requirements listed in the article are: 1. Twitter means powerful consumer engagement regardless of whether it is officially labeled customer service. 2. Twitter requires a compatible (not over-lawyered) legal culture. 3. Twitter requires your team to actually converse. 4. Twitter requires enhanced risk-management preparation. The first strategic requirement describes the use of Twitter as a medium for a consumer to directly engage in communications with a company. A consumer can directly ask questions or leave comments to a company. The second requirement states that the conversations between a company and a follower over Twitter should not be over analyzed and dissected as if it was a corporate document by the company’s legal team. A compatible legal culture should be in place for a reply to be written within a day. The third requirement is that someone should be in place to actually engage in conversations on Twitter, be it a single person or a whole team of people assigned to maintain the Twitter feed. The last requirement talks about the transparency of Twitter. The back and forth conversations between the company and a follower is out in the open, meaning everyone can see how the company interacts with its followers. All of the requirements are related to the

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