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Christianity In the New Testament, how does Matthew illustrate Jesus’ teachings on adultery, fasting, giving alms, praying, judging others, and false prophets? The Lord journey through Galilee “teaching in their synagogues and preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom (Matt. 4: 23). The Gospels of the Kingdom are the most important subject in the New Testament. The Gospel and deeds of Jesus Christ were understood in Matthew illustration. The main teaching of the Sermon is not so much the kingdom of Heaven and repentance which are presupposed, but the new piety versus the old piety of the scribes and Pharisees. The Sermon encourages the Christian to apply his own life through these principles of piety. Jesus condemns adultery in the heart. When I think of this illustration of plunking the eye is not to be taken literally; neither should the illustration in the Bible of cutting of the right hand. These illustrations in the bible suggest the uprooting of evil thoughts fro ones heart. In Christian ethics; the only legal and sacred relation between man and woman is their union in wedlock. Every other sex relation and practice is against the principles of the Gospel . As stated in Matthew 5: 27-30 the scriptures said, “Thou shalt not commit adultery. Adultery is a weakness of the people of the past and still remains as such among the people of the Christian era. In the past, customs and laws legalized adultery and fornication through polygamy. Solomon with many “wives” was not committing adultery. Jesus stated that adultery is sinful not only through the actual sexual act, but even through the thought of lust. Then there is fasting in Matthew illustration of Jesus’ teaching. Fasting is itself is not a virtue but it help the Christians behave. To give alms and to pray. I am a advocate for fasting. I fast and pray a lot as it says in the Bible.

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