Reaching Out Without Dumbing Down Book Critique

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Part I As worship wars continue to prevail in today’s churches, the true focus of worship seems to fall between the cracks. Marva J. Dawn, author of Reaching Out Without Dumbing Down, provides an outlook to the actual problem. Broken into five segments, this book provides an overview to the problem at hand and addresses those in leadership roles of the church. As stated in the opening chapter Dr. Dawn poses the following question, “...can we develop a theology of worship for the Church to flourish and grow in a turn-of-the century culture?” As church leaders brainstorm and search for ways to reach the masses, they must be cautious. As Dr. Dawn states, “When we allow our society to force us to “dumb down” the Church, we kill theological training, inhibit the forming of character, prevent appreciation for the rich gifts of the Church’s past.” The Church of today faces a predicament as the masses are being reached. The very things that seem to draw the masses may be the very things that remove the focal point of true worship of God to pure entertainment. As churches begin to become consumed in self, true worship to God seems to be placed on the back burner. The focus in the church now seems to be on music, and styles of worship that will draw in a crowd. The very desire of so many is being played down by “dumbed down” worship options. As Dr. Dawn constantly reminds us in this writing, it is vital to keep God as the focus of worship. She also assures us that it is not too late to recover the things lost due to the “idolatries of contemporary culture.” Part II Contemporary Christian music has an escalating yet contentious weight in today’s worship settings. John M. Frame discusses this subject matter from a biblical perspective and presents an argument for the use of contemporary music in worship with theological truthfulness, in his book

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