Reaching My Expectations. Essay

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I am attending college to reach my goals of attaining a career, Where I can express my interest in helping people. college will enable me to reach my fullest potential. To reach these goals I must set a track. First of all, I intend on completing and passing general studies. After I have all of that completed, I plan on working my way on up to obtaining a Masters Degree. I intend to major in the Medical field, but haven't decided an exact one to declare. I know there are many careers in this area of interest, so I would like to experience some of them before I make my decision. The wide selection of majors makes me feel confident that I will be able to make an educated decision after exploring all of my options. In order to accomplish my dreams of becoming someone of the medical field, I intend on keeping up all of my college scores. I do in fact realize how difficult it is going to be to succeed my high expectations. However, I am willing to do whatever it takes to reach all of my goals in life. By going to college and getting a degree, I will be much more successful in life. It’ll Also, be wonderful to have a job that I truly enjoy, instead of just going so I will have money to live on. Without a college degree none of this would be at all possible. With all of this said, I intend on succeeding in college and everything else that I start in

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