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RE3107 REAL ESTATE PRACTICE AND ETHICS Sem 1 2013/2014 ASSIGNMENT TWO (40%) CASE STUDY ON REAL ESTATE PRACTICE OR ETHICS Instructions: You may undertake the assignment on your own or in groups of up to 7 students (maximum) per group. The students can come from a different tutorial group. As the marks given to group members will be the same for each member of the group, please ensure that all members of the group contribute fairly to the assignment. Date of handing of assignment: 30 October 2013. Please submit assignments in both hard and soft copies. Soft copies should be sent to instructor’s email: Topics of assignment: The purpose of the assignment is to undertake a detailed case study on any one of the following aspects of real estate practice or ethics.              Professional ethics eg unethical conduct, regulation and control Professional responsibilities eg professional negligence, duty of care Expert witness eg responsibilities, performance and conduct Professional development eg lifelong learning, subject matter Career planning eg models of planning, issues involved etc Professional practice eg valuation, property management, facility management, corporate real estate management, or consultancy and research Business development eg concepts and theories for real estate business development, strategies, diversification, market expansion and penetration Conflict management eg arbitration, mediation, negotiation, tribunal resolution, court resolution Business continuity management eg crisis or survival management, outsourcing International development eg globalisation, oversea ventures, franchising, mergers and acquisitions, strategic alliances Entrepreneurship eg creativity in real estate, exploitation of technology Potential real estate professional areas eg business valuation, intellectual property valuation, corporate

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