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Worksheet for Viewing The Arts of Criticism . . . Giving and Receiving Name: __Rahul Anantoju____________________________ After viewing the video, please answer the following questions: 1. What is the purpose of the self-test for someone giving criticism? To think about giving criticism making sure criticism is legitimate or not, to make situation better for everybody, to help. 2. Which comes first, your self-test or the EPM formula? Self-test 3. Have you seen others criticize like Everett did the first time? What happened? Yes I did, and my boss was angry at a colleague for not attending a meeting, and criticized. My colleague defended, as a result, things did not work well between the two. 4. Have you ever taken criticism personally? What did you do? I haven’t taken any criticism personally and always learnt from it. 5. What did Beverly have to gain from listening to the criticism? It was hurting Beverly’s career and the company, added cost and nearly lost the client for one project 6. What does EPM stand for? E-empathize P-pin point problems M-move forward 7. Read the following scenario and fill in E, P, M: a. Carlos, who has a desk close to yours, often borrows items from your desk while you are away. When he returns these items, they are often damaged – the stapler is broken, or the policy manual has pages missing. You’ve kept silent about it for several months, but now you are especially upset because the batteries are missing from the tape recorder he borrowed. How should you handle the situation? * E – think in Carlos perspective, why is he borrowing, and how it’s being damaged * P – pin point the damaged caused to the borrowed items * M – Moving forward and discuss, by thinking ways to keep items from not being damaged, how arranging his own items, etc. 8. Mentally review
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