Re: Special Educational Needs in Finland Essay

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Issues with an international perspective: The UK should adopt features of the Scandinavian education system in order to sustain improvement. The Scandinavian education system ranks among the best in the world regarding the connection between academic achievement and quality of student teacher connection (Luvmour, 2012: screen 1). Luvmour (2012: screen 1) also states that, there is no research needed to prove for happy children and parental collaboration. English policy makers and the media appear to find the Scandinavian education system rather intriguing. The Conservative political Party in particular displays an interest on the Swedish model of education (Wiborg, 2010: 3). Firstly, the geographical area of Scandinavia needs further examination. From the dictionary definition, Scandinavia is a large region of Northern Europe derived from the Scandinavian Peninsula which includes Sweden, Norway, and Denmark (The Free Dictionary, 2014: screen 1). However, Scandinavia can be considered as a subsection of the Nordic countries including Finland and Iceland. Therefore, for this study both the Scandinavian and the Nordic education systems have been considered. The term sustain, simply means to continue or keep up without interruption or diminution (Merriam-Webster, 1986). According to Sustainable Seattle (Sustainable Measures, 2010: screen 1) sustainability improvement can be seen as "long-term, cultural, economic and environmental health and vitality" with emphasis on long-term, "together with the importance of linking our social, financial, and environmental well-being". Husén (1986: 51) explains that “Educational reforms are part of or consequences of socioeconomic change.” The Scandinavian approach to sustaining development includes the significance of ‘school leadership in improving students learning’ (Møller, 2008: 1) thus education and social welfare is

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