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Re-Socialization of Survivors in a Downsized Organization Kasi, Arbab Naseebullah; Sarwar, Bilal Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering, and Management Sciences, Quetta Pakistan April 12, 2012 Re-Socialization of Survivors in a Downsized Organization Arbab Naseebullah Kasi Lecturer, Faculty of Management Sciences Bilal Sarwar Lecturer, Faculty of Management Sciences Re-Socialization of Survivors in a Downsized Organization ABSTRACT This study is design to determine how the survivors of the downsized organization are re-socialize in the organization, so that the survivors can perform their job with full potential and utilize their whole capabilities in carrying out their jobs . To explore the answer different variables are considered i.e. employee empowerment, employee involvement, better rewards system, effective communication, work redesign and training and development. This study focus on the employees who faced the downsizing period in the organization. INTRODUCTION Background of the study Bank downsizing is somewhat an intentional or unintentional change in the bank to cope with market competition, increase organization efficiency and reduce financial cost. During the last decade downsizing has become a favored strategy and many banks have adapted it. The effects of employees who survived have been substantial; many have reacted negatively in the form of reduced organizational commitment and job performance. Trust and morale often erode as workloads increase and job security escalates (Fisher, 1991). More than one half of the survivors report increased job stress and symptoms of burnt out following downsizing (Cascio, 1993). Organizations appear to undergo a deterioration of communication at many levels (Cascio, 1993, Dougherty & Bowman, 1995). Many attempts and studies have been made to understand

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