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Maker of Costly Hepatitis C Drug Sovaldi Strikes Deal on Generics for Poor Countries Summary:- 1.) Solvadi (Sofosbuvir ), made by Gilead sciences (California) maker of one of the costliest drug in world, $1000 a pill for Hepatitis C. Had deals with seven generic drug makers in India to sell the same pill in lowest cost. 2.) Treatment for 180 Million people worldwide. 350,000 people die every year most in middle and lower classes. 3.) Sovaldi discovered in 2013 in December. About to reach sales of $10 billion . 4.) Intense criticism seen in United States because it can drain all Medicaid budgets and insurers could raise the private insurance premiums. 5.) Executives at company say the price is equivalent to cancer drugs available in market. It is to be estimated that Gilead spend 19% in research which can be recovered in months from the total GDP worth of 22 Million Dollars. 6.) If the company cut down the cost by 99%, it will be hard time for the US government to negotiate with drug makers. 7.) $1000 pill or $84,000 for 12 week treatment in United States. 8.) Less than $1,800 for 24 weeks treatment in India. 9.) Plan to sell $10 a pill. That 1% of the pill price sold in United States. 10.) This drug will be seen in India in Mid of 2015. 11.) Price are Uncontrolled by Federal government. 12.) Patent Problem which also lead to high legal cost in innovation. Analysis:- It is no wonder that the #1 reason for personal bankruptcy in the United States is medical bill related. American tax payers supported the billions of dollars in basic HCV research and Sovaldi gets to make outrageous profits on the backs of American patients. One good thing is it increase medical tourism to India, Approx $5,000 pays for pills, flight and accommodations in India for the full course of treatment HCV. But US Citizens cannot afford the wildly expensive, life saving

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