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Geography Revision Global Hazards Case Study: Tebua Geographic’s • Western edge of Kiribati • Nearly as wide as the USA, covers 2.5million miles of ocean, 27times more than UK, land area 620km^2 (quarter size of London) • Population = 92,500 • Low lying, mangrove islands, flat beaches, 500metres wide Situation • Economy- GNP is equal to 3000 Americans • Main exports are coconut flesh to make soaps and oils • Beaches eroded by storms, needs sand imported to maintain • People have to rebuild homes further inland • Increased environmental refugees • Increased migration to New Zealand, but there is a limit to how many they can take • Poor countries can not counter affects Why is Tebua disappearing? • Global warming – 1920 temperatures risen 1degree – greenhouse gases • Increasing tropical storms • Multiple hazards – threat of tsunami • USA 25% of global warming What are hazards? Hydro-meteorological = Geographical = A Natural Hazard = What is a disaster? • Bigger than a natural disaster • Insurance companies = 20+ deaths and/or $16million+ economic damage • Can depend on how vulnerable an area is Risk = Hazard X Vulnerability Capacity to Cope Most Common Hazards • Floods and Windstorms increasing due to increased temperatures, and increased evaporation • Past trends, increases, in 1930’s, 1950’s and 1970’s The Significance of Natural Hazards • 30times fewer than HIV/AIDS • 35times fewer than road deaths • 50times fewer than smoking related deaths Comparing Hazards Risk = Hazard X Vulnerability Capacity to Cope Armenia 1988 and San Francisco 1989 Both suffered 6.9 magnitude earthquakes Armenia– 25,000 killed, 300,000 injured San Francisco- 63

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