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What aspects of “belonging” are explained in “Ancestors” and “Postcard” and how has Skrzynecki explored these issues? Belonging is the acceptance of a person into a group, to become a member and to have a rightful or usual place. In the poems Ancestors and Post card Peter Skrzynecki attempts to come to terms with his cultural heritage and figure out his own place of belonging and whether Poland where his parents are from holds any significance to him as an individual and whether he can belong to the place or culture of Poland. Peter Skrzynecki conveys this feeling through the use of poetic techniques and poses his questions to himself and to his readers to convey meaning and to convey his thoughts on the…show more content…
The title Ancestors links back to the poet’s cultural heritage and its link to his sense of belonging. The poem is occupied with questions that Peter Skrzynecki poses to the reader “how long Is their wait to be?” The questions highlight Peter’s lack of knowledge and confusion in regard to the impact his ancestors and cultural heritage has on his sense of belonging and how it affects it. Post Card explores the concept of belonging to a place. A post card is a simple thing but the poet uses this ordinary object to evoke feelings of great importance to him. The poem wants him to explore his identity and hints at returning to his homeland and in doing so accepting his roots and cultural heritage. This is shown in the direct speech in the last two lines “We will meet before you die”. The persona feels a sense of belonging at the end of the poem because he has consoled a part of his identity which relates to his cultural…show more content…
caked mud?” conveys to the reader the poets nervousness and apprehension with connecting with his past and cultural heritage. The last stanza explores belonging to a place and belonging to people this is shown in the last line “the wind tastes of blood.” This is a reference to human mortality, it plays on the idea of blood representing kinship and by extension belonging. The last stanza alludes to the state of the persona. The blood of one’s ancestor’s links to the poet’s homeland and the idea of returning to where you belong when you die. Ancestors and Post card both explore the concepts of belonging. The ancestors create a subconscious life path that creates for the poet the realisation the he will inevitably will belong to his heritage and his homeland. Post card confronts the poet in a way that makes him explore his identity in order to understand where he belongs and how important his homeland and his heritage are to

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