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Abortion – A Person’s a Person Abortion is not only a medical procedure; it is a hotly debated topic of moral, philosophical, religious, and political differences. Very few topics in our country’s history have so completely galvanized and polarized our nation’s populace than has the topic of abortion. Since the Supreme Court decision of Roe vs Wade in 1973, an estimated 39 million pregnancy terminations have been performed in the United States, making this procedure a very common medical procedure, compared to an estimated 8 million appendectomies (Addiss et al, 1990) over the same period and 21 million tonsillectomies (Fallon, n.d.). However, while legal and common in practice, it does not follow that the procedure…show more content…
Each side wishes to frame their side as the “pro” side. However, for the purposes of discussion, we will utilize pro-abortion and anti-abortion, with the realization that some will accrue emotional baggage to either label. As with any issue, each side has a spectrum of thought from violently for (or against) to mostly ambivalent. Also in this debate, neither side agrees on the focal point of the debate. Pro-abortion debaters often focus on the woman involved in the procedure. Anti-abortion debaters focus on the…show more content…
This also is a nebulous concept, since the health of the mother could be affected by depression over being pregnant due to irresponsible behavior. According to statistics, about 98% of the abortions performed in the United States are elective, meaning that the health of the mother was not a factor in the decision to have the procedure (Johnston, 2008). Most health issues that affect expectant mothers are treatable without endangering the life of the mother or the fetus. A notable exception to this is the ectopic pregnancy, where the fetus attaches itself to the ovary or fallopian tube. In this instance, the carrying of the fetus to term could kill both the fetus and the

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