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Belonging Essay To belong to something means that you fit into a particular place or situation and have the proper social qualifications. The poems “Feliks Skrzynecki” and “Migrant Hostel” by Peter Skrzynecki, the cartoon entitled “State School No. 1812” by Cobb and the picture “Sorry, The First Step” all communicate the meaning of belonging through a range of visual and literary techniques. The poem “Migrant Hostel” tells the story of what life was like for him living in a detention centre in the 1950’s. The time Skrzynecki spent here was very bleak as he didn’t feel as though he were an individual and there was no sense of stability for him. The hostel was very chaotic with “all the comings and goings of newcomers”. The vast numbers of other people arriving and leaving in “busloads” creates this disorganised environment. Peter questions to who would be coming next as people suddenly leave. This illustrates how the migrants have no control over their fate and gives them a…show more content…
Skrzynecki’s use of sibilant in ‘sunrise to sunset, silent swept’ creates a sense of tranquillity and peace, which is how Feliks feels when he is in his garden. The garden gives him security, comfort, and makes him feel like he is home. The use of figurative language helps to explore the concept of belonging. ‘He swept its paths ten times around the world’ shows the persona referring to his father’s garden through hyperbole. He also reveals personal feelings of alienation towards the happiness of his father within his culture and identity. ‘Happy as I have never been’ shows a tone of sadness and regret as he doesn’t feel like he belongs in either worlds of his fathers past, or his

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