Rconstruction Essay

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The "Somebody-Wanted-But-So" chart is an excellent way to summarize important information from history. In it, you identify a person or group of people; their goal, need, or want; what conflict of interest stood in the way; and the outcome. This strategy works great because history depends on the needs, wants, and actions of humans. Part 1 – Complete the following chart using information from the lesson. One example appears for you. Somebody ... Wanted ... But ... So ... President Abraham Lincoln Wanted: the nation to heal as quickly as possible from the Civil War and planned to reunify the nation quickly But: he was assassinated in 1865 only days after Robert E. Lee’s surrender So: plans for Reconstruction were taken over by Vice President Andrew Johnson, who became president after Lincoln’s death President Andrew Johnson Wanted: He agreed with Lincoln's plan and he wanted the country to reunite. But: Confederate leaders could not participate in the process at first. When 10 percent of a states 1860 voters took the oath then the state could create a new government. So: Presidential Reconstruction lasted from 1865 to 1867. Most Southerners liked the plan and wanted to establish new state governments. Radical Republicans Wanted: Federal Government to be active in changing Southern Politics and Society. But: They had an election in the fall and Republicans got majority of the votes. The congress started passing bills that changed the reconstruction laws. So: The republicans joined the radicals and they were able to override the government. The republicans plans were then able to be put in action Southern Democrats Wanted: they wanted to stop the new laws for reconstruction. But: the Southern leaders prevented freedmen from voting and other rights. So: The Southern Democrates didnt follow the congressional or military rules. An

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