Raymond's Run Essay

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1. How is the breakfast discussion that Captain Keller and James have about the Battle of Vicksburg related to the struggle that ensues between Annie and Helen later in the meal? What does the struggle between Annie and Helen show about Helen? What does it show about Annie? 2. Answer: During the breakfast Helen doesn’t know how to behave properly and walks around the table and eats from James and her parent’s plates. When she tried to eat from Annie’s plate, Annie doesn’t tolerate this kind of behavior and grabs Helen’s wrist. Helen gets really angry and doesn’t wish to be stopped from what she is doing. Captain Keller tells Annie to let it go because she doesn’t know any better and it’s the only way they can a normal discussion at the table. The struggle shows that Helen is spoiled and wants everything to be her way, resistant to change. I also would say that Helen is stubborn. The struggle between Annie and Helen are in constant battle and continues until the end of the play. Annie is also stubborn and is not willing to give up on Helen. She is ready to spend all her time with her in order to ‘open” her eyes to the world. Annie doesn’t give up. With all the hard work that Annie put into Helen. At the end of the play she realizes the connection between the letters Annie been spelling in her hand and the items. She learns how to communicate with the world. 3. Why is Annie Sullivan frustrated when her two weeks of being isolated with Helen come to a close? How do the events of Helen’s welcome-home supper increase Annie’s frustrations? What does the climactic incident at the water pump prove about Annie’s beliefs? 4. Answer: Annie is very frustrated because her work is not done yet. She finally found a way to communicate with Helen but her time is up and she has to give Helen back to her parents. She’s afraid that Helen will start to misbehave

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