Ray Singh Essay

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How does Sebold use representations of speech and other literary techniques to portray Ray Singh in the following extract? In the extract Alice Sebold uses representations of speech and other literary techniques to present Ray Singh as a very nice but different outsider. The extract is located just after Len Fenerman finds Susie's notes from Mr. Botte's class. Towards the end of the extract the use of irony in "Suburbia: The American Experience" is used to demonstrate the segregation between Ray and his "American" acquaintances. Also the fact that this book was written post 9/11 places a huge spotlight on Ray Singh, this makes the reader think that Ray Singh is used as a Symbol of all the immigrants and travellers in America. This highlights Ray as an outsider because it shows how he is trying to fit in, and if you are trying to fit into something, then you are clearly not a part of it. Sebold does this to demonstrate to the reader the feelings Ray has about his foreign roots and how he is trying to do something about them. However he is fighting a losing battle because he cannot change the colour of his skin. This makes Ray resent the majority of his school associates but out of respect and because he is a well-mannered, nice boy Ray puts these feelings of resentment to one side and doesn't make an issue of them. The reader develops an opinion that Ray is a nice boy by looking at the opinions of the people who speak about him, Susie's mother, Abigail presents Ray Singh as a harmless individual in the short direct speech "that sweet boy?" This portrays that Ray Singh hasn't been anything but nice Susie and her family However when the police "descended on" Ray's house for the second time it is clear what their intentions were, the police were clearly looking for someone to
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