Ray Lewis Influence On The Baltimore Ravens

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Ray Lewis The Baltimore Ravens have been one of the most important parts of my life ever since I was old enough to go to a game. I grew up watching Ray Lewis every Sunday. My dad would take me to every single home game, I hardly missed one. Ray Lewis’ career is seventeen years old; I am seventeen. He has inspired me in more aspects in my life than almost any other person. I would watch him from my seat in section 103 and nearly every week would just observe him play and how he would influence other’s performance, not only through his inspirational words, but actions as well. I told myself: I want to be like him some day. The way he could walk out of a tunnel and make a group of 70,000 erupt is nothing short of magnificent. And up until…show more content…
I am going to be leaving and going to college, I won’t be able to attend the games that profoundly inspired me throughout my whole childhood. The Ravens are more than a football team to me; they are a part of my life. That is why this year; they aren’t going to let the Super Bowl out of their grasps. Ray Lewis has one more ride left in him and it is one hell of a ride. Every player on the Baltimore Ravens is going to give all they have to get Ray one more ring. I attended Ray’s last home game and the minute I stepped in line, I could hardly keep my emotions together. I reflected at all of those moments that I had with my family watching the games and how he was such a big role model for me. When he stepped on the turf that day, it didn’t bring chills; it brought tears. I am going to miss him. Every Sunday home game, since I can remember, my family would leave the house at 9:30 sharp, meet my uncle and cousins at the park-n-ride and head straight to the game to tailgate. We’d eat delicious food, play catch, crack jokes, but, while others were having fun doing other things, there was only one thing on my mind: the game. I’d analyze who we were playing, the odds we had of winning, practically anything that had to do with this team that intrigued me more than anything…show more content…
You can hardly tell what color walls I have in my room because it is so plastered with memorabilia. While other kids were asking for Legos and video games for Christmas, I filled my list with the newest and best Ravens gear to deck out my room. From Ray Lewis light switch boards to Ravens sheets and pillow cases, I wanted to show my pride. I sleep with a life-sized Ray Lewis Fat Head above me, on my ceiling. I am addicted—Just as Ray is addicted to leading and inspiring. In any war, who pulls their General out?...Nobody. When he puts on that jersey and 52, every man in that building believes in one thing: whatever our General says, we follow – bottom line. When he walks onto that field, you better believe he is going to give everything he has, not for himself, but for the man next to him. And there are two things that pump up the man next to him more than anything else to inspire them to play like there’s no tomorrow: his introduction and his pre-game speech. There is no pre-game introduction in sports like Ray Lewis’. The anticipation it gives the crowd before he comes out and then the reaction it receives is indescribable. When he comes out, there isn’t one person in the stadium not screaming, the whole stadium pumps with adrenalin. Margaret Wright (12) describes the scene: “The Ray introduction is something that no other player can do and something that only Ravens fans understand. It is legendary and

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