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The Story of Skate fish Hai Phan Research Literacy C2 Mission College 4/21/11 The life story of Batoidea page 2 Abstract My research paper talk about the rare fish name skate or ray . When I first look at this kind of fish I was really interested in it, because It looks like a bat flying on the ocean . Also the two sides of its wing look like the two sides of the air plane's wing . I am really curious about the skate's life style and I want to know more about its life. So I am doing my research paper to know more information about this rare fish The life story of Batoidea page 3 Title: Shocking Discovery! Torpedo Ray in Wellfleet Bay Name of source : http://www.turtlejournal.com/?p=1448 and http://www.answersingenesis.org/creation/v24/i4/sharks.asp Summary : this journal is talking about Ray fish's life style and also about their normal weight , long . On the one hand , this journal also talking some information about where do they live , what do they eat and why do they be killed ? Assess: This journal is very interesting, so I will use the information in this journal for my research paper. Reflex: I really like the journal I’ve just found on internet. It provides a lot of interesting information about ray such as: foods, habitat, their enemy and their round life time . The life story of Batoidea page 4 Last time when I had chance to go to the Monterey Aquarium with IIS. I saw the Skate fish or Ray fish . I thought It was so beautiful and it has a very unusual life. It has the wing just like the bird in the sky. Some of them can make electric shock when people or other animal touch at their body. Ray fish is a one of the most mysterious fish in the word . They usually live in the deep ocean that why people hardly know much about them. At that time until now I have always thought about ray fish. Now my research paper will

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