Raw And Rdquo Analysis

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Institution can be defined as an organisation that is established for a particular purpuse. In this case Scott Monk novel “Raw” encounters from a range of good and bad features on protest, enforcement and compliance. Another text that clearly states the personal experiences of the characters with the institution is the film “shawshank redemption” One of the major themes discussed in “Raw” is protest. This is represented through Brett the main character, who gets set to the the farm. A faculity run by sam for young and troubled boys. Brett rejects it by “just old mcdonald and a couple of geeses” shows that he has no threat over the the and does not believe in it with his statement “as…show more content…
Red explains “inside his and important man, an educated man, outside his nothing”. Brooks hands on the bus seat is symbolic of his lack of experience in the real world. The shot of him trying to cross the road shows how fast the real world is, in the end he feels that the intitution has gotten the better of him and decides to hang himself is shown through “ I doubt they’ll kick up any fuss, not for an old crook like me” where as Brett becomes compliance after his return from escaping the farm. Brett realises his wrong actions, mistakes and attitudes, admits this to Josh “you know how you told me I was hurting my friends, I didn’t know I was until you told me” From this we see a dramatic change in Brett as he comes to full discovery, thus josh plays an important rule in Bretts compliance as well as his own self discovery. Compliance is also shown in “shawshank redemption” through the first dialogue Andy has with Red “to smuggle Rita Hayworth into the prison” Red explains “I liked Andy from the start” shows friendship between the two cons. Compliance is met with Brett accepting to

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