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The fundamental responsibility of the nurse is to promote health, prevent illness, restore health and to alleviate suffering. (International council of Nursing 1973). Nursing happens universally with the inherent to respect patients and their choice of lifestyle, dignity and patients rights. ‘Whole person care’ an integrated combination of care of the body, mind and spirit (John F. Kavanaugh S.J 2006) and judgement is a way nurses use assess their patients individual competences – if a patients was ready to be sent home the nurses must ensure the patient can care for themselves as well as having a support barrier for when they return home. The nurses whom I worked alongside, explained that they would ask the child to undertake certain tasks to demonstrate these competences, while ensuring the child and primary carer of the good they have achieved so far and the importance of carry on with the tasks to further the child’s improvement and the effects if the child was to stop when discharged from the ward. Thus, showing the nurse working within her fundamental responsibilities of health promoting. When working with a Health Visitor I observed a BCG clinic for the under 2year olds. The health visitor interacted with the parents asking questions about the general health of the baby / child on the day. Before she administered the BCG she explained in a clear, simple manner the after effects the child may experiences a couple of hours after the injection – slight temperature that night, the next morning a red raised lump on the sight of injection if the baby seems to be irritable more than normal the child could be given Calpol. For the parent to be aware of any abnormal changes in the glands of the underarms and if so to take to the G.P. The health visitor explained this would be very rare, however thinks its best for the parents to be aware. This again shows that all

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