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Ravi Essay

  • Submitted by: dharma143
  • on September 10, 2011
  • Category: History
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Neural interfacing is a powerful means, which can develop a robust bridge between humans and machines. In this paper we emphasize on neural interfacing as an evolving trend in wireless communications by taking into account one of its important application i.e. cyborgs. In the next half of the paper we discuss the operational features of cyborgs. In an attempt to promote greater interaction between humans and computers, companies that develop cybernetic technologies participate in a variety of seductive strategies that embody the cyborg discourse. Some of these strategies persuade individuals to concede to particular philosophies, such as the argument that technical artifacts and instrumental reasoning are necessary for effective social development. With the experiments conducted and   proposed   to   be   conducted   in   future , and   in   the process given a brief description of the advantages and   disadvantages of this   technology.

Attachments and interfaces mediate our interaction with the environment and usually are positioned on the surface of the body.   Physical   objects   would     be   called   tools   or attachments, while information utilities would be called interfaces. In the same way a neural interface allows human brain communicate directly with a computer, without any other equipment. That kind of interface allows any illusions to be inputted to human nervous system. Neural interfacing fantasies have mainly grown out of science fiction.
          A recent article on neural   interfacing in the IEEE Transactions reports that   "a Microelectrode array capable of recording   from and   stimulating peripheral nerves at prolonged intervals after surgical implantation has been demonstrated." These tiny silicon-based     arrays were implanted into the peroneal nerves of rats and remained operative   for up to 13 months .The ingeniously   designed chip is placed in the pathway of the surgically severed nerve. The...

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