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The article “Raunch Culture” by Ariel Levy discusses how life in the twenty first century has become very raunchy and erotic. She talks about how easy it is to blame the males of our culture for objectifying women. However, it is the women who are volunteering to have these pornographic or racy photographs and videos taken of themselves. Even women athletes are posing for scantily clad pictures, and they are getting more attention for that than their specialized sporting events. This article discusses that women taking control of their sexuality and objectifying themselves are not, in fact, the same thing. For as long as I can remember, I have heard women complain about the way men look and talk about them, how they objectify us. This is a true statement. Most of them do. However, this article is the first time I have heard…show more content…
She explains that women are objectifying themselves and are equally to blame for the degrading image that men have of us. The article discusses how we do not have to put ourselves in this position and continue to objectify ourselves, however our culture teaches us that that is the acceptable way to live. Unless someone does something radical to change the norms of our society, men will continue to objectify women and the women will help them. This is the way of our culture. I enjoyed this reading because it really opened my eyes to how erotic our culture is, in fact. It is so easy to become desensitized when you are constantly surrounded by it. I also had never realized how much women actually encourage this culture, either. This is not a step for women, to show how sexy and independent we are, it is just sad and demeaning. This article has an interesting perspective on our culture, the filthiness that is deep-rooted within in it, and how it seeps into every aspect of our everyday lives and affects everyone in

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