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Probation and Parole Terms Paper Beth Centeno CJA/234 June 26, 2012 Gregory Breslin Probation and Parole Terms Paper Probation and Parole Terms must address the client’s issues that led them, or could have caused the reason they committed their crimes. For instance, a drug/alcohol abuse treatment plan for clients with a history of drug and/or alcohol abuse could benefit the client to overcome issues of abuse that may have led them to commit a crime such as: Driving While Intoxicated. A discussion for three clients on the roster for probation/parole will show Team A’s rationale for the conditions chosen for each client. The teams’ rationale of conditions will include outcomes after…show more content…
Unfortunately, this was Mr. Gravas’ second offense. He is married with two children, and had another child who died in a boating accident three years ago; which coincides with his heavy drinking. He is well educated and has held the same job for eighteen years. Mr. Gravas acknowledges his alcoholism problem and is willing to take the necessary steps to help him change his life. The sentence handed down to him was two years’ probation, and recommended as part of his probation plan also includes: drug/alcohol treatment and family counseling. Mr. Gravas’ outcome has been exceptionally…show more content…
Kenneth Stanfield. His offense is a felony possession of a controlled substance. His sentence was two years’ probation after 90 days in jail. Mr. Stanfield comes from a divorced family but admits he had a steady home life for the most part. He is single and has never been married. Mr. Stanfield has a high school diploma; he did attend college, but unfortunately dropped out after one year. Mr. Stanfield has held several jobs over the last several years but has been fired from most of them. He possesses no special job skills or training. He is a heavy drug user which includes marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamines. Mr. Stanfield has no evidence of mental health history. He was evicted from his apartment and has been living in his car. He has one previous conviction of a misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance. The teams’ recommendations for this client are drug/alcohol treatment, job training/employment assistance and housing

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