Rationale for Distance Education Essay

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Distance education has provided handful of opportunities for working professionals, students and even housewives to achieve their dreams of pursuing higher education. Different people have different perceptions regarding distance education. Distance education was earlier perceived to be similar to correspondence education. But with their good experiences while pursuing higher education in distance education mode, students have now clearly understood the dividing line between distance education and correspondence learning. Distance education and its importance are clearly understood by people living in metropolitan cities. This can be gauged by the number of students pursuing distance education in metropolitan cities. But in small towns and cities there is less awareness regarding distance education. So in small towns and cities efforts have to be made to make people believe that a distance education degree is at par with a regular degree. People in small towns and cities still consider a regular degree superior to distance education degree. Distance learning has provided an excellent platform to students for learning at their own convenience and at their own pace. Distance education provides the opportunity to exchange the cultural and regional heritage as persons from different cultural and language areas get admission together into various courses. Since, by and large the candidates join such courses at their matured stage; they exploit this opportunity positively to eliminate the wrong views towards the culture of others, which is an essential aim of modern curriculum of education. Distance education has proved to be a blessing for many aspirants seeking to upgrade their educational qualification for achieving higher education, career enhancement or just for the sake of updation of knowledge. While distance education has by and large benefitted working

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