Rastafarianism Essay

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"Heatstroke with a Side of Burn Cream" I found "Heat stroke with a Side of Burn Cream" to be a funny and animated story but especially realistic only because I’ve worked in a restaurant before and I can relate to almost everything said in the essay. I worked at Wendy's for a whole year which was probably the most miserable year of my life. Being a restaurant employee has to be one of the most stressful and distasteful jobs for anyone. I can relate to the story in so many ways, from remaking orders to rushing to make orders, not only are you faced with angry customers who crave burgers and demands five star service, you're also faced with lazy managers and lazy (late) co-workers who just stands around and depends on others to help them fix their mess and solve their problems for them, mainly high school students who just work there so that they can pay for a new hair style or a fresh pair of Jordans. They are usually care free and is never held accountable for anything that happens in the store. On top of everything I already discussed you are also faced with disrespectful customers who feel the need to call a 17 year old a burger flipping (you know what), and with all that said and done you are still way below reasonably paid. Working in a restaurant puts me in the mind of match sticks in a box; imagine eight hours or more in a small, hot, congested place making and serving food. It has to be one of the most aggravating feelings, apart from being burnt by the oven that leaves deep scars, being splashed in the face from the fryer oil, lifting heavy ice buckets, cleaning tables behind messy mean customers while trying not to slip over ice and greasy restaurant floors. Going home every day smelling like burgers and oil is another "perk" of working in the food

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