Rastafarianism Essay

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Rastafarianism I think that Rastafarianism is a very interesting religion that promotes black people in a strong and beautiful way. I was very surprise to find out that it was only founded about 79 years ago in the Caribbean Island of Jamaica. I always thought it was a very old religion and was founded in Africa. An aspect that I find very notable is the Holy Piby or the Black Man’s Bible, which is one of the sacred texts used in Rastafarianism. What I found interesting about it is that it is basically the Holy Bible used by Christians with a few alterations. The alterations made were the removal of any information they thought the “White Man” has placed in it. Another aspect that I found interesting is the first four tenets in the six basic tenets of the Rastafarianism movement. I find that these four tenets are very racial and seem to be dividing the people of the nation into two groups, the blacks and whites. Also, I found it very contradicting that in Rastafarianism the women are known as queens but their roles in this religion seems so minute. They are regarded as subordinate to men, cannot become leaders and their roles are mainly to be housekeepers and child bearers. Even though I love the fact that Rastafarianism is a religion that stands up for the black people, I still feel that it is one that teaches the black people to be less forgiving of whites because of the events of

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