Rasing a Child Is a Big Decision

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Katina Johnson 11/26/11 Example essay Raising a child is a big decision There comes a point and a time in life that you have to think about the responsibilities of raising a child. In today’s life or world as many people would call it, it’s a big step that you have to take. Many people would have to worry bout the needs that your child would have t have. The most important thing is to love and be truly interested in your child’s life. Having a child that knows that they have a parent that’s willing to take care of them is a great feeling when you look into life. Raising your child and providing for them is a full time job when you are a single parent raising one or more children. The economy, today revoles around children that’s in need of a mother or father in their life. The love of a mother and father should be special in two ways. One way is you should always love them no matter how bad they are. The second way is parents should show their child attention like hugging them and showing them you are here for them no matter what may happen. You have to love your child abundantly because they look up to you as they grow up. You don’t want your child thinking that all he has she have is somebody taking care of them let them know you wont fail being a parent to them. Many children have to appreciate who they parent is because some children don’t have family at all. Children have many needs that you have to be prepared for that you might not think is coming. Like food kids see a lot of things at the grocery store that they want. Kid s might see fruit snacks and every child that you have might want a different kind that’s money out your pocket that’s extra. It’s the same with any other kind of food. Clothing is the biggest issue I think people spend more money on there kids with because for one I think boys are more expensive

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