Rasin In The Sun Essay

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“The eye’s of Adolf Hitler” Mr. mosley Wayland Baptist University 01-27-09 Amber Talamantes He is known as the murder of the Jews. His name is known worldwide. The events that he caused brought fear to the eyes of all human begin. This was a man that had a plan and executed it. Adolf Hitler was a genius, because he was a inspiring artist that became a country leader that almost changed history. Adolf however was not born thinking he wanted to destroy Jews his life events brought him to having this hate. Adolf Hitler looked for a way to make a name for him, and was determined to find a way even through blood. Adolf Hitler was born in April 20th 1889 in small Austrian town of braunau on the in river which separated the Austrian hungry empire and German empire. These young boys where young Austrians that followed the ways of the Germans. They all including Hitler thought of themselves as such. As a young boy Hitler participated in a boy’s choir at his church. Hitler idolized the priest where his church was, and even considered becoming a priest himself. At home Hitler would practice giving sermons this was the start of becoming a great speaker. His favorite game was to play cowboys and Indians which showed that he already had that craving for violence. In describing his boyhood, Hitler later said of himself that he was an argumentative little ring leader who liked to stay outside and hang around with 'husky' boys. His half-brother Alois later described him as quick to anger and spoiled by his indulgent mother who enjoyed giving Adolf anything that she could give him. Hitler found himself doing very well in school the good grades seem to come easy to him. It was in school that he realized that he had a talent in drawing and the basics of art. Hitler had the ability to look at the arcutecture of a building and memorize it being

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