Rasicum Reasearch Paper

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Mohamed Dhaqane History- Writing Seminar Thesis: Rainier Scholars exists to help students of color succeed in their education where the public school education system has failed them. By demonstrating discrimination practices of IQ testing and tracking in early 1900s, the resistance to integration even after the passage of Brown vs. Board of Education and current inequality in Seattle Public schools. It proves why an organization such as Rainier Scholars needs to exist. First, Public School practice discrimination practices through IQ testing and tracking in early1900s.Intelligent Quotient testing/Tracking is the process in which educators tracked students into 2 groups students were tested/tracked as early as elementary school. These tests decided the student’s future. There were 2 results either vocational courses or college prep classes. Education reformers put IQ and tracking into place because they were thinking “did a bricklayer need to learn of Shakespeare?” they thought it was useless to teach a “retarded” person something they could not handle. So they had only those who would go to college be put in college prep classes and learn Shakespeare. The others were put in vocational courses were they learned carpentry and other factory skills. Also these tests were bias to blacks because white people wrote them. But blacks did not live like whites. That means that a black person lives like a black person. They did not live like whites. So these tests basically measured how white a person is. Not smart you were. The education reformers had built a chart that showed were people were in the results of these tests. The white and European people were on the top and the blacks were on the bottom. These tests were bias to

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