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Rashad Laron Tolbert was born and raised in Fayetteville. At birth, he weighed 10 pounds. He is the son of Robert Tolbert and Gloria Wilson. At a young age he became very fond of music and started learning how to put rhymes together, as well as play a keyboard from his older brother Randy Tolbert. During his early years in grade school Rashad excelled in all subjects. At the age of 10 he ran track for the Fayetteville Flyers, where he went to Junior Nationals his first year ( where he placed 14th in the 4x4) , and again his second year ( where he placed 9th in the 4x4). In 5th grade he started taking a orchestra class where he learned how to play the violin. When he got in middle school he put down the violin and picked up the trumpet.

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