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Rash Paper We started off the new quarter reading a book called Rash by Pete Hautman. This book is about a boy named Bo in the future United Safer States of America. The book goes through the events of how Bo gets in trouble with the very controlling government and how he is sent to labor prison for doing crimes that are considered being just plain mean today. Rash is similar to the book The Hunger Games by Suzaane Collins, though they have their differences too. Rash is very similar to The Hunger Games. For example, in both books, powerful governments control every aspect of people's lives. In Rash, the government watches you almost at all times with all the security cameras. In The Hunger Games, the government also has much control over people's lives, as they force their people to watch the Games on TV and they also decide what you become when you grow up based on where you live. Another similarity is that in both books, teenagers are looking to fit into their society, which is far too picky and choosy. In Rash, Bo wants his friends to talk to him and his girlfriend to like him more and hang out with him instead of Karlohs. In The Hunger Games, Katniss also wants the Game Makers and all the public voting to like her and Peeta so they send them both more food and save them so they don't die. Another similarity between the two books is that they both are set in the future, in the very distant future. Also, in both books, people with more money, who are rich and can afford big things are more prioritized. For example, in Rash, if you have the money to hire a good lawyer, going to court won't be difficult for you and you could get out of getting punished. In The Hunger Games, people who lived in the Capital were all about the party life and were looked after more because they were the people investing into the Games. As you can see, there are many similarities

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