Raquiera Wilkerson Enterprises: Case Study

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Wilkerson Enterprises 2209 Malibu Drive Charlotte, North Carolina 28202 4/29/14 Cinco de Mayo 9022 Woodbourne Rd Fairless Hills, PA 19057 Come one! Come All and Have a Blast! My name is Raquiera Wilkerson and I am the owner of Cinco de Mayo and Founder of Wilkerson Enterprises. It has been a pleasure to serve you in the past and we look forward to doing business with you in the future. I am writing in regard and regret to the Pet Friendly policy established in February 2000. Effective May 1, 2014 Wilkerson Enterprises have decided to discontinue the support of the pet friendly policy and to ban pets from the inside of the dining area, unless they are service animals for the hearing and sight impaired. This policy does not apply if you are not in the dining area. Usually as long as dogs are dewormed and properly groomed, many people do not see an obvious health reason for not allowing pets in a restaurant. However, the FDA prohibits live animals (except fish in tanks) in retail establishments where food is served. Health concerns include pets going to the bathroom on the floor or “people, including restaurant…show more content…
However, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) states that “service animals” must be allowed in restaurants. Service animals are defined as those that perform tasks for people with disabilities. These animals are not legally required to wear any identification, nor are their owners required to carry any documents showing their animals’ special status. A person who is allergic to animals cannot complain and get them kicked out of a restaurant. And though restaurant operators can ask a patron if his or her animal is a service animal, they cannot legally ask for proof or an explanation of what service the animal is providing. This piece of the ADA is often abused by

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