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I was employed for three months at Diftco, near Birmingham, under the supervision of Ms Witten. The objective of the internship was to gain management experience in an industrial environment. Diftco exports construction equipment and is one of the most profi table fi rms in the region. I worked in the Export Offi ce most of time, where I was in charge of preparing shipping documents. I was also responsible for checking containers in the warehouse, where the equipment is assembled and packed. I successfully learnt to use the automatic bar code system used in the warehouse. This is a sophisticated automatic system, which assigns a code and a position to every component in the warehouse. However, it was interesting to discover that even such a sophisticated tool can never completely eliminate human error. Perhaps the most valuable lesson I learnt was to double-check information. The importance of careful checking was emphasized when I unfortunately sent a container to Austria instead of Australia, because I had misunderstood my correspondent on the telephone. The company is successful and well organized, with a very motivated, hard-working and dedicated staff. However, I feel I would be more effective in an environment with more variety and less routine paperwork. One area of the company’s activity leaves room for improvement, and that is the problem of waste in the warehouse. A more systematic policy of recycling would help to solve this problem. The course module in international trade studied last semester was extremely valuable in understanding how a company like Diftco works. Thanks to this preparation, I was able to establish a good rapport with the export staff. On the other hand, communication with the warehousemen was much more diffi cult, mainly because many of them do not speak English. Overall, the internship was a positive

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