Rape Victims Essay

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A woman that has been raped might develop post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This woman might experience nightmares, sudden change of emotion, outburst of anger, anxiety or depression. Resorting to violence when in an altercation might take place. She also might develop a hatred toward men. Because of this her future relationships might be affected. If this women were to find a significant other sex might be an issue or if this women were to become pregnant and have a boy, resentment toward the infant wouldn’t be uncommon. Trust might be a major issue. The crime known as rape, committed by a man, is forcing another person to have sexual intercourse with him without their consent and against their will, especially by the threat or use of violence against them. Due to the intensity of the incident a hormone called adrenaline is produced which accelerates the heart rate. Their blood pressure might raise. The ability to function in society again and make logical decisions, controlled by the frontal lobe, may not be able to function properly because of the high stress levels. Their limbic system may also be thrown off and uncontrollable. Her spinal cord, which controls her muscles from the neck down, might not respond normally. Her reflex to a touch or sound might be more sensitive. Reappraisal or reinterpreting a situation to make it seem less threatening can be used to cope with the stress of being raped. This person could also cope by taking up a hobby that involves releasing aggression or the suppression of it such as boxing or

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